DVD - Char Margolis, Internationally Renowned Psychic

DVD - How to Realize Your Own Psychic Intuition

  • Do you know things before they happen?
  • Do you feel other people's energy and know things about their lives without them speaking to you?

This is your sixth sense of psychic intuition. It is as common as our other five senses. The universe tips us off when we listen to our instincts. It helps us prevent problems and attain goals in our lives.

Life is a school and we are here to learn life's lessons. It's about the choices we make along the way. Using our intuition helps us to make wiser choices. We can also tune into people and situations on demand. To accomplish this however, it is important to understand the philosophy of using this sixth sense and the power of thought.

Please join me for a first look into understanding your own psychic intuition.