casette - Char Margolis, Internationally Renowned Psychic

Empower Your Wisest Self - Cassette

  • What career path should I take?
  • Do I know if I can trust this person?
  • Is this the love of my life?
  • Do I take the job in my home town where family and friends are or do I chance taking the position in another state, or country?
  • Is this the best school to send my child to?
  • Is this the best doctor for my health problem?

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Life is full of them! Since I can't be on "on-call" for you 24-7, I have created this cassette tape to help you make your best choices in life. When we use logic, common sense and intuition, it makes that choice easier. This cassette tape will help you use your intuition to help make the wisest choices on your life's path. Enjoy!
Wishing you Love and success!