book - Char Margolis, Internationally Renowned Psychic

Discover Your Inner Wisdom - HARDCOVER (with forward by John Edward)

In this (hardover) edition, Char shares her special gifts by teaching you how to tap into your intuitive powers to make the wisest choices in life and obtain more money, love, and success.

Every day, people are faced with countless decisions, from the trivial to the very important. Yet few are able to truly hear that inner voice that helps them make the wisest choices: their intuition. Char Margolis explains how to do just that. Using her own incredible experiences, she outlines how to use your own inner voice as you learn to develop your intuitive powers in four simple steps. By combining intuition with logic and common sense, you will be able to make better decisions and attract the people and opportunities you most deeply desire into your life.

Learn how to:

  • Tune in to your health and use your energy to heal
  • Raise healthy, happy children by nurturing their intuition as well as your own
  • Listen to your instincts in evaluating people and opportunities
  • Attract compatible partners Access your sexual energy
  • Sense the right career opportunities
  • Recognize the messages you are receiving from your deceased loved ones

Char also provides helpful instruction on how to prevent potential problems, protect yourself from bad energy, cope with setbacks, and get attuned to the universal plan.
With Char's guidance, you will be empowered to begin your own personal journey of discovering -- and listening to -- your inner wisdom.

LifE A Spiritual Intuitive's Collection of Inspirational Thoughts

LifE: A Spiritual Intuitiveā€™s Collection of Inspirational Thoughts. (Hardcover)

Char, thank you for your LIFE book. I refer to it and choose a page randomly when I need some guidance or a spiritual thought for the day. It is my "thought-of-the-day" book.
   ~ M.B.

"Simply delightful! Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Intuitive Char Margolis' new book Life-A Spiritual Intuitive's Collection of Inspirational Thoughts sparkles with insight and soul. Char presents an abundance of inspirational thoughts along with spectacular images designed to help the reader live in genuine peace and happiness."
   ~Larry King

My parents were angels on earth, wise souls who taught me the blessings of life. My father always asked, "what if you take the if's out of life? We've all been confronted with the if's.:

    What if I had taken another path in romance?
    What if I had chosen another profession?
    What if I had been kinder to those closest to me before they died?

I've designed this collection of inspirational thoughts to assist you in helping yourself to experience more moments of inner peace. Live life to the fullest, achieve your goals , find contentment, and use the if's in your life with care!

Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven (paperback)

Char's best-selling signature book.

"Witty and winning, celebrity psychic Char Margolis tells it like it is on the subject of talking to the dead for a living. Margolis wrote Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven to help people "awaken their own instinctive intuitive abilities," which they can use as a guide to what she terms "the Age of Awareness," the upcoming shift from a material world to a spiritual one. She warns people away from psychic hotlines in the hope that readers will be convinced to develop their own powers. According to Margolis,

the five reasons to use your own intuition are:

  1. Intuition helps us prepare for the future and eliminate worry.
  2. Intuition allows us to help others, especially our loved ones.
  3. Intuition lets us know when we're in sync with the universe.
  4. Intuition teaches us to trust our own inner wisdom.
  5. Intuition helps us to grow and develop as souls.

If this sounds like reason enough for you, Questions from Earth will help you tune into answers from heaven to your most heartfelt queries."
--Randall Cohan