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Millefiori Soft-Pink Butterfly Pendant with Mother-of-Pearl

The butterfly is known to represent change--transforming from this life to the next. As we live our lives on the earth plane we are learning our life's lessons. When we graduate, hopefully with honors, we pass over to the next life as a new creation in spirit form. The symbolism is like the caterpillar transforming to the butterfly, a rebirth into the next life.

Lift your spirits to new heights when you wear this extraordinary Soft-Pink Millefiori Butterfly Pendant. Murano glass is framed in a stylish Nickel-Free sterling silver featuring a delicate pink mother-of-pearl accent. Large silver bale accommodates most chains. 18-inch highly polished sterling silver rope chain accompanies the piece.

Stamped .925
Measures approx. 1-1/4" (32mm) h. x 1-3/8" (35mm) w.
Includes 18” Sterling silver (nickel-free) rope-chain. Stamped .925
Nickel-Free Sterling silver alleviates the problem of wearing jewelry on sensitive skin. Most people with sensitive skin are allergic to nickel.

After my Mother passed over to the other side, my family began looking for signs from her. My sister Elaine asked for a sign and a butterfly kept appearing. Instinctively, she knew it was a sign from our mother. Then it started happening to me and to our sister Alicia. After conversing with several other people, I became aware that the butterfly is a signal for many whose loved ones have passed over to the spirit world.

Millefiori is a type of handmade Murano glass that has been incorporated with various layers of colors to create beautiful flower-like mosaic patterns. Millefiori, which literally means “a thousand flowers”, is a type of cylindrical, long glass rod which contains a specific pattern along its entire length, so that when cut into slices from one end, the particular pattern will be revealed. Millefiori has been around since the Middle Ages, and most recently has been produced for use in fine jewelry.

Tear Drop Mood Necklace

What mood are you in? The theory is that the crystals in this jewelry detect your energy and change colors according to your emotional state. You can track your moods from anxious to creative to relaxed by using a color chart (included), It is a wonderful way to recognize your changing moods. As a technique of biofeedback, you can learn to bring yourself to a calm, receptive state.

Charming teardrop mood necklace changes colors with your moods from anxious to creative to relaxed. It is a wonderful way to track your changing moods. As a technique of biofeedback, you can learn to bring yourself to a calm, receptive state.
  • Color chart included.
  • Measures approx. 1" (25mm) h. x 1/2" (13mm) w.
  • Includes 18” adjustable rope necklace.