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Staying Out of Harm's Way

Sorry for the delay of this posting but this is the third one I’ve written. (No worries, I never posted the other two.) I kept feeling there was going to be a universal subject that I was going to address. Unfortunately, the terrorist attacks in Paris have reminded me of what I need to talk about. In December of 1999 I hosted a pay per view special. The title of the show was called "Char, A Psychic for the new Millennium.” During that taping I made a prediction that in the new millennium there would be terrorist attacks including the United States and our government needs to protect air travel. Unfortunately this prediction has come true. More frustrating for me is that there will be more... it’s inevitable. In my twenties as I was learning about understanding psychic intuition, I was told, “Your spirit guides and guardian angels may not be able to stop someone from shooting a gun at you with a bullet, however they can get you out of the way of the direction that bullet is headed.” There are numerous stories of people who have prevented a tragedy because they listened to their intuition. Not only did they listen, but more important, acted upon that guidance! Mike and Chris Blackman have been clients for over 35 years. During the 90’s they lived in New York City. I had told them to be careful because I saw that there would be terrorism in NYC. Mike was on CharVision and he tells the story about the timing of the move out of NYC. I said wait one more year. In that year, he made enough money to retire! The next year they moved. What I didn’t know is that both he and his wife had business at the World Trade Center at least 3 times a week. Needless to say, they were out of there before 9/11 and are very happy in California.

I understand that not everyone is able to get a reading with me. However, the most important thing I can suggest to everyone is to learn to develop your own intuition. It’s the best weapon of defense against terror that I know of. We are going to have to get used to suicide bombers and misguided people in our world that listen to evil energies instead of divine guidance. I have for the first time in my 40 + years of doing this work, put together Intuition retreats. They are by invitation only. However, I am opening some of them up to all my newsletter subscribers. The other option you have is that I am also doing cyber circle classes online. Learn to prevent problems, attain goals and stay out of harm’s way. Call Nicole at 1-888-909-2427 ext. 899 to sign up now.

You can’t afford not to do this. I am saying a special prayer for all of us. May you and your loved ones be safe during this holiday season and New Year.

With The Loving White Light Of Protection,