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5 Warnings for the Ouija Board from Psychic Medium Char Margolis

Have you had an encounter with a ghost? Have you ever received messages from a Ouija board? For over 4 decades I have been communicating with the dead. I am very aware of the different “neighborhoods” in the spirit world. Just as there are good and bad people on the earth, there are definitely good and evil spirits on the other side. The movie Ouija is bringing new interest to the Ouija board. It's a perfect way for the dark side to lure children. It's sold as an innocent toy. It seems harmless but it isn’t. You can communicate with spirits on the board. It is used as a medium, just as tarot cards or palm reading. It can fool you. It is not a toy. The devil was a fallen angel and learned everything about good and manipulated it to control the innocent. Here are five warnings to remember about the Ouija board.

1. The Ouija board is real!

2. It is a welcome mat for evil spirits

3. It will lure you in by spelling out a true statement about you or another player. It will even spell out your secrets.

4. It will spell out the name of a dead loved one so you will think they are trying to reach you. But it is a ploy to control you.

5. It will tell you 5 amazing validations about you or a loved one living or deceased. Then for example it will tell a kid to build a bomb and blow up your school.

I suggest if you have a Ouija board, throw it out. The movie title is accurate, Ouija: Origin of Evil. There are good and bad spirits in the universe. The wisest way to stay protected is to pray and envision yourself in the white light. Stay away from these trickster energies. Just because someone is psychic or can tell you things that they couldn’t know about you, doesn’t mean you can trust them. The work I do is healing. I also teach people to develop their own intuition. Everyone has a sixth sense. It can help you prevent problems and attain goals. If you are exploring this work, make sure you are connecting with the healing guides and angels that can help guide you.

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Written by Char Margolis