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Chakra Therapy with Char Margolis

Do you sometimes feel out of sorts and don’t know why? Do you ever feel imbalanced? Many people do not realize that your body has 7 energy centers. Each one contributes to the function of your mind, body and spirit. When balanced, these energy centers generate a deep feeling of well-being. Chakra Therapy with Char Margolis is just what the doctor ordered! A prescription to help you restore your energy, alleviate stress and find balance and inner peace. Char guides you through these 7 simple meditations to help you achieve this goal. Finally, an easy meditation for all of us! You don’t have to travel to a sacred site to find enlightenment. Enjoy the journey within you!

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Empower Your Wisest Self - Cassette

  • What career path should I take?
  • Do I know if I can trust this person?
  • Is this the love of my life?
  • Do I take the job in my home town where family and friends are or do I chance taking the position in another state, or country?
  • Is this the best school to send my child to?
  • Is this the best doctor for my health problem?
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DVD - How to Realize Your Own Psychic Intuition

  • Do you know things before they happen?
  • Do you feel other people's energy and know things about their lives without them speaking to you?

This is your sixth sense of psychic intuition. It is as common as our other five senses. The universe tips us off when we listen to our instincts. It helps us prevent problems and attain goals in our lives.

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